What documents do I require?



All Permits

  1. Permit Application Form and Visa Application Form
  2. Passport (Original and certified copy reflecting relevent pages)
  3. Passport photos x 2
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Radiological Report
  6. Police Clearance Certificate from country of origin, & last place of residence
  7. Deed of surety

Study Permit
(Additional requirements)

  1. Proof of acceptance / registration with study institution
  2. Written reason for studying in Namibia
  3. Letter from Ministry of Education confirming no objection against your studying in Namibia instead of country of origin
  4. Written undertaking of parent/guardian/sponsor to sponsor your studies
  5. Proof of bursary (if applicable)
1year N$ 80
(Handling Fee)
N$ 1395

Employment Permit (Additional requirements)

  1. Proof of highest qualification and previous work references
  2. Certified Marriage/divorce certificate (if married to Namibian Citizen, Citizenship Certificate)
  3. Tax certificate of good standing
  4. Namibian Police Clearance Certificate
    Employer to provide:
  5. Representation by Employer (Work offer and company profile)
  6. Deed of Surety (signed by bank)
  7. Proof of job advertisement in local newspaper
  8. Social Security registration
  9. Names and qualifications of unsuccessful Namibian applicants
  10. Motivation letter from employer
  11. Motivation letter from Office/Ministry/Agency (for government work)
  12. Approval/Recommendation Letter from Public Service Commission / Office of Prime Minister (foreign government work)

Max 2 yrs
(Employer Dependent)

N$ 80
(Handling Fee)
N$ 2 790
TRP (Temporary Residents Permit)
(Additional requirements)
  1. Deed of Surety
  2. Proof of sufficient funds
  3. Proof of pension (pensioner)
  4. Proof of parents / guardian / spouse's Namibian legal status
1year N$ 80
(Handling Fee)
N$ 780
PRP (Permanent Residence Permit)
(Additional requirements)
  1. Birth Certificate (Certified copy)
  2. Certified Marriage/Divorce Certificate (if married to Namibian Citizen, Citizenship Certificate)
  3. Death Certificate of late spouse (widow or widower)
  4. Proof of highest qualification
  5. Reference from current employer
  6. Proof of sufficient funds
  7. Training and experience questionaire
  8. Proof of property owned
  9. Detailed motivation for application
  10. Tax Certificate of good standing
Permanent N$ 80
(Handling Fee)
N$ 12 270
(Success Fee)